Build a LOM interface

AC-Propulsion offers a LOM (Lithium Optical Monitor) diagnostic interface. This interface enables you to diagnose one or more LOM modules. I used this interface, which I borrowed, when I replaced a bad cell from the battery pack (see my other post).

AC-Propulsion LOM interface

Original AC-Propulsion LOM interface

The original interface is based on a CP2102 USB to serial chip, one Single Bilateral Analog Switch and a few transistors and resistors. The blue and black plastic connectors are from Industrial Fiber Optics (IF-E96E and IF-D91). I draw the schematic based on the original Interface and replaced the SMD components with normal sized components. I couldn’t find the DIL version of the SMD bidirectional binary switch (SN74LVC1G66DBVR) so I used the 4066 a Quad Bilateral Analog Switch. To prevent problems with the CP2102 chip I ordered a standard Micro USB to UART TTL Module 6Pin Serial Converter.

Lom interface v1.0

LOM interface v1.0