DIY EV charging cable

Since the Lotus Elise ECE is built in 2008, before the charging standards (IEC 62196 and IEC 60309) where released. The car is equipped with a standard CEE 32A 5-pin connector for charging. It can charge with 32A on 1 phase at 230V AC. The charge current can be adjusted manually.

Charge port CEE 32A 400V 3P+N+E

Charge port CEE 32A 400V 3P+N+E

To be able to charge at a public charging station in The Netherlands you need a type 2 connector. Due to the limitation of a maximum of 16A per phase (mode 1), the Lotus can only charge on a public charging station with 16A max.

Type 2 connector

Type 2 / VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2

Building the cable, Mennekes type 2 (see picture above) and CEE (32A 3+N+E female)
I bought a secondhand Ratio charging cable for only € 75,- . I removed the white j1772 connector and added a 220 ohm resistor. I started with a 220 ohm risitor because I wanted to charge with 32A. It didn’t work the charging station gave an error. Finally a 680 ohm resistor between Earth and PP (Proximity) gave the best result.

Ratio cable

Ratio cable EVP32-3 2P+E 16A/250 AC Mode 3, type 2 to 1

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram Mennekes type 2 to CEE 32A

The above schematic shows all 3 phases. The Lotus only uses L3.

Rpp values with corresponding maximum charging currents
1k5 Ohm  13A or 16A
680 Ohm  20A
220 Ohm  32A
100 Ohm  63A