Telsa on Board Diagnostics OBD-II

The Lotus had a LCD screen with BMS info. There was a lot of info on cell level about temperture and voltage level. The Tesla Model S doesn’t inform the driver with any information about the battery other than de SOC (state of charge). To get to this information you have to access the CAN-bus and read the CAN messages. To do so you need to find the diagnostic connector which is behind the shelf just beneath the main screen.

Telsa diagnostic connector

Telsa diagnostic connector

Tesla uses a proprietary connector instead of the standard OBD-II connector. Most diagnostic interfaces come with the OBD-II connector so an adapter cable is needed.

Model S Adapter cable

Model S Adapter cable

To see the CAN-bus info you need software that is capable of translating the Tesla CAN messages. You can use Scan My Tesla for Android or TM-Spy for Apple. Since I have an Android Phone I went for Scan My Tesla and bought a OBDLink MX ABD-II adapter.


OBDLink MX with cable


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  1. Hi,
    can I contact you for information about the lotus or Golf V?
    I have a Golf V with the AC Propulsion electric drive and some questions.
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