Lotus Elise ECE 100% EV


ECE Electric Cars Europe started in 2008 with converting internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to Electrical Vehicles (EV). ECE a company owned by Lotus distributor Van der Kooi first converted Volkswagen and Lotus cars into EV’s. These conversions where mostly done for promotional purposes.  Dutch companies like the Essent (later Enexes) and Athlon car lease used the ECE Lotus Elise as eye catcher. The German energy company  RWE used an ECE Lotus for their TV commercials . My car also got 2nd place in the first EV race on the Dutch Zandvoort circuit.


All Lotus conversions done by ECE are based on the AC-Propulsion AC-150 Gen2. In 1994, AC Propulsion unveiled the AC-150, an innovative 200 horsepower integrated drive system for compact to mid-size passenger cars. In 1997, AC Propulsion introduced the original tzero™ sports car at the LA Auto Show. In 2003, tzero was upgraded to Lithium battery technology and achieved 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and range up to 300 miles. In 2006, AC Propulsion created the eBox

My Lotus Elise ECE

My Lotus Elise ECE is based on a 2008 111R


0 to 100 km/h about 4 sec
top speed 222 km/h on GPS @ 13000 RPM in 4th gear normally 5 and 6 are blocked
170-200 km range
0 emissions
Weight: 1315 kg
Upholstery: Brown/Black leather

Technical data :

engine: AC Propulsion AC-150 motor maximum output : 150 kW
batteries: Kokam cells  S 080460330 / SLPB 80460330
Nominal voltage : 3.7V per cell
Capacity (Ah ) : 100 Ah per cell (100)
Fuse : Ferraz Shawmut 400A , 500VAC , A50P400-4
Electric heating : MES DEA RM4 , 250-400V , 4 kW

Battery specs:

Capacity Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg) Ampere (A) Energy density
100Ah 462x327x7.8 (WxLxT) 2.070 500A cont / 600A peak (200A charge) 173 Wh/KG